Little Endeavors opened in 2001. The center began with the goal of providing a quality childcare experience with enhanced security features for the comfort of families. Little Endeavors was designed to be a superior facility with areas above and beyond the minimum requirements, including an indoor gym for rainy days and a large outdoor play structure with a rubber playmat surface to provide for maximum year-round use.

Little Endeavors is locally owned, this enables us to work with families and staff individually without a one-size-fits-all corporate approach. Little Endeavors directors work in close communication with the owners regarding daily operations and decisions.

Directors & Staff

Little Endeavors attracts and retains a friendly and educated staff. Many of our lead teachers have been with Little Endeavors since we opened. This rich fund of experience is used to mentor and train our new employees. It also provides consistency throughout your child’s year. The following information is provided to acquaint you with our management team and staff. Little Endeavors uses the term “caregiver” to describe the staff in the infant and toddler rooms. The term “teacher” is used in the preschool and elementary age child rooms.


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Caregivers and Teachers

When hiring employees, we consider many things. We look for energetic, friendly, motivated individuals with previous experience in childcare. For our infant and toddler programs we look specifically for mothers and grandmothers who know the importance of providing a loving and nurturing environment. For our older age programs (2yr – Pre-K) we interview individuals who have a degree in Early Childhood or previous experience with creating age-appropriate curriculum.

The majority of our full-time employees have been part of Little Endeavors for 5 years or more. We are fortunate to have such dedicated, loving caregivers and teachers. Our part-time employees consist of DMACC students and a few exceptional high school students.