Toddler Program (2’s)

The toddler program provides care for children that are two (2) years old. Caregivers in these rooms focus on helping children learn to interact and participate in activities and increase their language skills. Our program fosters toddler’s growth through nurturing, social awareness, and involvement with others in the program. The goal is to encourage the children to communicate with and play kindly with others.

Each of the toddler program rooms is built with the toddler in mind. The rooms are equipped with a small, child-sized toilet for potty training. Each room has a changing table to allow for diaper changes for children who have not finished potty training. Toys and activities are selected for this age. Since sharing is hard at this age, when possible we try to have multiples of the same toy.

Communication in the toddler rooms is just as important as it is in the infant rooms. Caregivers fill out a Daily Information Sheet. Parents are encouraged to communicate daily with the child’s caregiver regarding nighttime sleep habits, potty training progress and other pertinent issues.

Toddlers will not go on field trips, but may go on walks with their class.