School-Age Program

The School Age Program at Little Endeavors stimulates learning and play and complements the school setting. The program is separated into two areas with one room for Kindergarten and the other classroom for Grades 1-5. The program maintains a different curriculum between the two rooms most of the day. Age-appropriate games and puzzles are provided along with beanbags and areas for reading. Each room includes a bathroom with an adult-sized toilet and sink for handwashing.

During the school year we provide children with homework help. We understand that the school age child spends a majority of his/her time sitting at a desk, and we want our school age program to be a fun, active time for them. For this reason, our curriculum includes many movement activities and outdoor recreation time. Little Endeavors drives to and from selected area elementary schools using vans. Please communicate your child’s schedule to the staff so they may plan appropriately for your child’s use of the center’s transportation. Seat belts are provided and are expected to be used.

During the summer months, ample field trip time is provided. Field trips include, but are not limited to, visiting the Ankeny library, movie theaters with appropriate movies, active movement areas such as: Living History Farms, Pump It Up, pizza parties, local parks, and many other fun activities.