Safety & Security

At Little Endeavors Childcare, Daycare & Preschool we take your child’s safety and security very seriously. We have several unique features at our center that aid in accomplishing this goal, including:

Security Access Cards
Upon enrollment, each family is provided with two coded access cards for the center’s security system. The front doors are locked at all times. The security cards must be used by parents to access the center during business hours.

Daily Sign In and Out
Parents are required to sign in/out their children daily in each classroom.

Persons Allowed to Pick-up and Drop-off
We understand that occasionally someone other than the parent may need to pick up or drop off your child. Upon enrollment, every family in the center must submit a signed form stating the people who can and cannot pick up their children.

Cameras are used to enhance the monitoring and security of the center. The cameras do not take the place of proper staffing and hands-on supervision.