Infant Program (6 Weeks through 24 Months)

Infants enrolled in the Infant Program at Little Endeavors are divided into two age groups: 1) 6 weeks to 12 months, and 2) 12 months to 24 months. Each child has their own crib in the room. Children are transitioned from the crib to a cot while in the older infant room, at approximately 18 months of age.

The infant rooms providing care for children ages 6 weeks to 12 months are designed for a quiet and relaxed atmosphere. There are couches and rockers available for teachers and parents to use for feeding and cuddling. Babies explore and play with a variety of soft toys and equipment. Swings, bouncy seats with activity bars and exersaucers for older infants are used for stimulation and a change of scenery. When babies can sit up, they may be taken for outside walks in a buggy or stroller. Our staff understands that babies are learning independence and that their progress is rapid.

The older infant rooms providing care for children ages 12 months to 24 months (1 year old room) provide a wide variety of new discovery areas. There are soft climbers that are low to the ground, color and shape toys, and other age-appropriate equipment. In these rooms, we teach for the oldest age. This encourages new, interesting challenges. Babies are never disciplined, only redirected to a new activity.

Each day, caregivers fill out a Daily Information Sheet to inform you of your child’s feedings, naps, and diaper changes. They also record other pertinent information about your child’s day. Parents can also use this sheet in the morning to leave messages about your child’s night or morning so that staff members throughout the day will have as much information as possible to make your child’s day smoother.